Tuesday, September 1, 2009

two birthdays are double the fun!

In the middle of July, I was asked to make a couple of birthday photo card invitations for a sweet gal who I had met through a good friend of mine. I had actually created her daughter's birth announcement a year ago! It was fun to do this for her to have something that she could have as a keepsake and send to her family for birthday invitations. I loved seeing how much sweet little Rachel had grown in a year!

That same day, they would be celebrating the 33rd birthday of the sweet little one-year old's uncle's birthday and his sister wanted something she could send for his invitation as well. It was actually a bit tough for me to create something for a male since I'm so used to using frilly flowers and such, but I liked how it came out. Simple, but still manly.

**Each of these photo cards were 5x7**
{envelopes included}

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