Thursday, August 28, 2008

announcing baby - it's a girl!

I have been so thankful that I have been able to use my creative juices on making something special for friends and family. I always seem to be working on some kind of photo card these days, which keeps me busy, but I love it! Currently I am working on my son's 1st birthday invitation. I also have a few other projects I look forward to sharing in the future!

In the meantime...

Here are a few baby girl announcements I have done this past year, adding to the previous set of baby girl announcements I have already shared.

For more samples of baby announcements, see them here.

Because I am working on growing my business, I am creating unique custom made designs for each individual photo card. You are always welcome to choose from the designs I have already created, but I am more than willing to create something special just for YOUR occasion! Please see side bar for my contact information if you have any questions regarding the purchase of photo cards.

Friday, August 22, 2008

baby shower favor idea

A couple of days ago, I helped host a baby shower for a very good friend of mine who was celebrating the birth of her third child. My other friend whose house we were having the shower at had printed some wallet size photos of the sweet baby with the intentions of using them for the shower invite. When that didn't work out, I decided to try and do something with them as shower favors for the attending guests.

I backed the wallet size photo with white paper and then onto a colored cardstock. I then took some coordinating ribbon and thread it through two punched holes.

On the back
, I attached a poem that I adapted to fit the baby's name, including his birthdate at the bottom.
Each guest took home this special little favor to hang on their refrigerator.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

baby shower-seeing stars

I love baby showers! I have been a part of the planning process in my fair share of celebrating the arrival of little ones (first it was wedding showers, now it's babies). I am a big fan of throwing a party! Last summer, I was able to help out with a shower that we had for my sister-in-law. Her sister, but also my good friend, and I were the party planners and together we made a great team. She made all of the food (thank, goodness! that's not always "my thing") and I was in charge of the invites, games, and decor. Score! My favorite part of the party! I thought it would be fun to show off a few pictures of the decorations from that shower. Since I love themes, I investigated a bit and found out that the crib bedding in the nursery was going to be stars with blues, yellows, and greens, I thought it would be fun to go with that.

baby shower invite-created by HB

favors we passed out to the guests-
my friend made the cookies, and I made the tags

we even had stars down to the shapes of the cheese-brilliant idea by my friend
I used silver star confetti and then punched out other stars in coordinating colors...check out the colors of the Hershey Kisses...not bad, huh?

Over the years, I wish that I had taken many more pictures of the simple things at the showers I have helped with, like party favors, invitations, decorations, and more. Not only so I could share them with you, but so I could duplicate it easily if I needed to. But, don't worry, I think if I browsed through my files, I could find some fun things to share that I did take pictures of. I might even try to put together the shower games I have created or used.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

photo cards for any occasion

Here are a handful of photo cards I have created for various occasions and holidays throughout the year. I love that I can create these samples using pictures of my little kiddos!







Thanks to my friend who who let me design her son's 1st birthday photo card invitation.

What can I create for you?

Monday, August 4, 2008

announcing baby- it's a boy!

Here are a handful of baby boy photo card announcements that I have created for friends and family. Typically, I ask for 1-2 pictures and then I create one of a kind announcements that suits their taste and liking. Since designing photo cards is still a new venture for me, I make everything starting from a blank canvas and just see where my creativity might take me.

This is my sweet nephew who just turned one year old.

**Note: If you haven't seen the first set of baby announcements I've shared, check them out here or holiday greeting photo cards here.

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