Thursday, November 6, 2008

keeping busy...and loving it!

This last week I was a little busy creating a couple of photo cards. Here are some fun, new designs for special occasions.

Here is my in-laws' 35th wedding anniversary party invitation...
**This is a 4x6 card with silver matting (thanks to the suggestion of my sister-in-law, Kristen). The colors turned out amazing and look great together!

And a baby shower invite for a friend's sister...
**This is a 4x6 card with white backing. I love the brown and blue together.

Also, If you haven't checked out some of my holiday photo cards that I have created for my friend Annie's photography business, then go here.

I have a baby announcement that I can't wait to share, but it's not quite finished yet. It's super cute!

The greatest thing about all of this creating and keeping busy is that I don't find any of it a burden. I love it too much for it to ever be a chore!


annie said...

You are amazing, Heidi! I love your creative projects and I'm so happy you have 'your things' that you enjoy so much and are so talented in! :)

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