Wednesday, November 26, 2008

this could be your Christmas card

I'm in the midst of trying to create a few new Christmas cards...

Here is one that I just completed, but it's not actually our Christmas card, I just used our family picture and names. I'm keeping our family Christmas card a surprise until I get them sent out in the mail.

**Important information: If you are interested in ordering Christmas cards, I need to have your information, picture, and design choice by no later than Tuesday, December 2nd in order for me to get them to you before I leave on Saturday, December 6th. I will be gone for one week and will not be returning until December 13th. Unfortunately I will not be taking any more custom designs due to the small amount of time from now until I will be leaving, so if you are interested please see my pre-designed gallery of Christmas cards (the pre-designs also includes the one I have just posted).


Amanda Sue said...

This is a beautiful card Heidi! We did our picture cards through JCPenneys this year, but I wanted to tell you that I love this design- Beautiful!

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