Monday, December 15, 2008

a little tweek here, a little tweek there

Here is an example of how I can take a pre-designed card and tweek it to make it look more complete with the picture that you might give me.

I created this particular card last Christmas as a set of designs for a friend to choose from. This isn't the one she chose, but I kept it in my pre-design gallery.

A gal in my MOPS group chose this particular design for her Christmas card this year, but I was able to give it a few extra unique changes to make it work for her family card, such as making subtle changes to the font, color, wording, picture size, and using a different snowflake. This card was printed off 4x6 in size with a deep cranberry colored matting (1/2-inch all around) to make it a 5x7. Sometimes the matting gives it that special unique look.

So, if you ever see something in my pre-design gallery (Christmas cards or other special events), know that I can try to make the changes necessary to make it fit your style.

However, for an additional $10 custom design fee, I can also create something that is unique just for you!


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